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Academic Policy

     Soochow University (SCU) is fully responsible for supervising course setting, teaching affairs, grading, issuing transcripts, etc. to ensure the units students take here will be recognized by their universities in Australia. Each year, Soochow University International Summer Session establishes Teaching Quality Evaluation Committee (TQEC), which consists of professors from correlated departments at SCU and professors of summer program, to ensure scientific and rigorous teaching process.

     The course subjects are not only regular curriculum in SCU, but also corresponding to overseas campus. This ensures that they meet transfer unit requirements of Australian universities. The summer program lasts for 3 full weeks. Total learning hour is 40 per course. All courses except for foreign language courses are taught in full English.

     We are open to set up customized courses upon sutdents' request. These unit courses will eventually be transferred to major elective course unit after admitted by students' home university.

Course Adjustment
     Before session start, students can adjust their courses selection online anytime. If they want to add or drop a course, please contact telephone +886-2-2311-1531 or email On first two school days in first week (Monday to Tuesday), students are free to change, drop or add courses as they wish. Please receive "Application of Course Add/Swap/Drop" form from Staff Office, complete all necessary information and submit to Office of Academic Affairs before 12pm, Tuesday in first schooling week. After verified by the office and corresponding professor, course adjustment will be proceeded. 

Course Withdrawal
     According to SCU academic requirements, deadline of course withdrawal is 12pm, Thursday of second week. For more details and exact date, please see "School Calendar" on tab Policy. Students can withdraw a course by filling "Application of Course Add/Swap/Drop (withdrawal)" form and handing the form to Office of Academic Affairs in charge before deadline. The course withdrawn will be presented as "W" on transcript and students will not receive refund for this course.

     Final exam is given on last Friday of final week, inferring 19th 
July. The format is flexible and decided by professor in charge. The Secretary-general from Office of Academic Affairs will review exam papers first day of final week.  Exam papers shall be printed according to actual class size and kept sealed, only be opened on exam time. 

    Exam supervisors shall be appointed to every classroom. The professor, teaching assistant, and appointed exam supervisor shall supervise the whole exam. Exam papers graded and signed by professors shall be submitted before program closure. 

     Every summer session professor should submit grading policy to Secretary-general, which describes the proportion of class performance, assignments and exams in final score before first regular Professor Meeting. Students will be graded strictly in line with the criteria, with 10% inspected by Office of Academic Affairs in sample survey. Professors will be informed of any inconsistency on grading and given suggestion after discussion. 

Teaching Quality Evaluation Committee (TQEC)
     In order to improve teaching quality, to ensure punctuality and accurate accomplishment of professors' teaching tasks and to guarantee an impartial assessment of final results, Teaching Quality Evaluation Committee  (TQEC) is set up by SCU. It consists of professors in correlate departments at SCU and that of summer program. The committee is responsible for supervising teaching quality as well as grading result assessment.

The structure of  TQEC is  as the following:
- Director (professor from Australian university)
- Deputy Director (faculty member appointed by SCU)
- Secretary-general (director of educational affairs oin campus)
- Committee members (foreign professors from Deputy Director office)

     TQEC should meet once per week during school days with their teaching assistants. The Director and Deputy Director lead the meeting and reflect on teaching matters of the week to suggest improvements on summer school program. After the meeting, Director should communicate with professors with lower evaluation and provide suggestions for improvement. Secretary-general will make meeting minutes.