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Refund Policy

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Refund Policy

     Refund policy of Soochow University International Summer Session is as following. Students are free to drop course(s) till 2nd day of session start and apply for refund. 

Date of applying refund  Refund propotion
Application Fee Tuition
Before 15th May, 2020 
(including 15th May)
100% 100%
From 16th May, 2020 to 27th June, 2020 
(including 27th June)
0% 60%
From 28th June, 2020 to 30th June, 2020 
(including 30th June) 
0% 15%
If student applies for refund in first time span, actual received amount of total expense will be wired back, with potential handling charge. If application occurs in second or third time span, application fee will be deducted from actual received amount and not wired back. Please note that promotion code, activity code and discount will void, inferring that it's unable to cover any fee anymore. 

Students can adjust their course selection anytime before session start. If there's any question, please either:

1) Call +886-2-2311-1531 
2) Contact Wechat or Line customer service 
3) Write to sabrina.chen@scu.edu.tw

If student wants to drop course(s) within first 2 days of session start, please download "Application of Course Adjustment" form on tab "Application" (available later), print out and complete all necessary information, and submit to Office of Academic Affairs before 12pm, 2nd. day (Tuesday) of first week. Office of Academic Affairs will evaluate the request and proceed. Office hour is 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.