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FJCU 55th anniversary in Taiwan!

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FJCU 55th anniversary in Taiwan!

2017-11-02 17:13:37

     [Yi Xin Wang, Public Affairs Room] The 105 school year Fu Jen Catholic University Sports Day and Campus Fair was held at 8:30am, December 3rd in front of Chung Mei Auditorium. It’s the 55th reunion in Taiwan with the theme “Celebration Ceremony”. The committee arranged fun games and campus fair and many alumni returned. In Opening Ceremony, headmaster Han Sun Jiang knocked off the gong and officially announced the opening of anniversary. 

     There were 4 performances in Opening Ceremony: jazz dance, ball dance and competitive cheerleading dance by Dance team, Department of Physical Education, as well as "Step on the trample" dance by kids in FJCU kindergarten. Their performance embodies 4 key points of the anniversary this year: shine, happy, energy and vibrant.

     Headmaster Jiang said that it’s the 55th birthday of FJCU in Taiwan. The committee has been working on renovation and construction in campus, such as Takako Stadium. The campus will greet students, professors and staffs with a whole new face next year, in the hope of brining everyone hope, joy and energy.

     Ying Hong Luo (executive director of FJCU Alumni Association; executive director of New Taipei City Alumni Association) said that the committee moved the best shows to Opening Ceremony so more alumni could see and join this celebrative atmosphere. The playground was building grandstand, he said, and FJCU hospital was about to finish with building. Everything shows that the committee works very hard to promise FJCU a bright future.

     Jian Xun Lin, teacher of Department of Physical Education said that the fun games engage everyone together, from professors, staffs to alumni. It’s a great purpose to provide everyone with encouragement, support and cohesion.

He Shun Wen, member of New Taipei City Alumni Association said that his comes back for anniversary every year and visits his professors. It’s great to see his home university evolves with time. “Every time I come back,” he said, “it feels like back home. Very heart warming.”