Application Instructions

2022 Soochow University International Programs welcomes undergraduate/postgraduate students worldwide with outstanding performance in academic fields to apply. All applications should be completed online via SCU International Programs application system.


Review program eligibility requirements and ensure that you meet these requirements, as well as meet any additional pre-requisites for the course package you would like to apply for.


Obtain contact details of an authority representative / department at your school who can verify your credit transfer eligibility, academic background, and proficiency in English. Apply for course evaluation to the representative / department prior to submit the application to make sure the units taken in SCU can be transferred back to your home university (optional depends on your home university. For more information, please contact us).


Apply for the program by using the online system.


Once you have submitted
your application, you will be sent a confirmation receipt by email.

Program Eligibility
  • 1. SCUIP registrants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • 2. Currently studying in English-speaking university or proven to have TOEFL IBT 80/ IELTS 6 English proficiency.
  • 3. In some instances, courses are cancelled due to insufficient enrolment or other reasons. If this happens, students will be offered a choice to register for another course or to request for a refund (see refund policy for full details).
  • 4. Please note that credit received by SCUIP may be/or may not be granted by the student’s home university (at its discretion).

Registration Information (Check list)

1. Application and Letter of acceptance
      ✅ Ensure that you meet program requirements.
      ✅ Check that all information is correct on your form and matches your passport
Students accepted into the SCUIP receive a digital Letter of Acceptance (LoA) by email.
Letter of acceptance
      ✅ Carefully review all personal information in the LoA.
      ✅ Inform us if any information is incorrect immediately.
2. Apply for travel permit and make payment
Most students are free entry to Taiwan. Taiwan entry permit is required for Chinese.
passport holder.  
please click here for more information and contact us to apply.
      ✅ Apply for your travel permit as soon as you get your LoA if required.
      ✅ Make payment online.
3. Flight and accommodation
Access to complete the FA form will be sent along with you e-receipt.
      ✅ Submit your FA form with all information on flights and accommodation filled in.
      ✅ Students must have a valid travel permit in order to submit the form.
4. Waivers
      ✅ Complete and submit your SCUIP Waiver Form.
5. Withdrawal and FAQ
      ✅ If you wish to withdraw from the program, please contact us for Information.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition of Soochow University International Programs is as the following :

2022 Soochow University International Programs Tuition & Fees

Payment Method

Soochow University International Programs accept USD, AUD, and RMB. Payment methods include wire transfer, online payment, Paypal and Alipay. Please contact student advisor for more information.


Should you wish to withdraw after acceptance into the program, please complete and submit the Withdrawal Request Form. This applies to ALL students regardless of payment status.
After successful submission, you will receive a confirmation notification in your email.

Refund Policy

To request a refund (only for paid students), please ensure you submit the withdrawal request form as indicated above.

2022 Summer Session - Students will receive a 100% refund if they withdraw by Wednesday June 1 2022. Refunds after the start of the program will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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