Our Features


Undergraduate and postgraduate-level Curriculum

Every course Soochow University (SCU) offers is guaranteed to be international college-level with credits. Language of instruction, course context and selection of teaching materials all strictly follow the requirements of universities overseas. We offer courses covering Economy, Business, Management and Culture etc. and are confident to meet the needs of students in various majors. Students currently studying overseas can take courses equal to one semester in their home university/college in Taipei and transfer credits back to their home university/college. This is a great way for students to capitalize on summer and winter vacation time while also stay on track for your graduation.


Early career plan development

SCU provides career development consultation, including academic workshops and career planning program. Students will be given the chance to listen to senior professionals' career developing stories, to enrich their industry knowledge and gain experience. It's always our fervent wish that students first learn something from instructors here, second cultivate persuasive skills, logical thinking and critical thinking skills, open their eyes and make the blueprint of their future with the experienced around them.


Recommendation letters from prestigious instructors

The faculty team is consisted by professors from prestigious universities. Students will have an opportunity to communicate with them during the 3-week program. Those with excellent academic performance will have a chance to earn recommendation letters, which has a tremendously positive effect on building their core strength in job hunting or further studies overseas.


Industrial visits and panel speaking forum with entrepreneurs

SCU strives to create a higher education platform for elite students worldwide, international scholars and top 500 companies globally. Every year, we host different industrial visits with entrepreneurs panel speaking forum. We encourage students to improve their core strength, achieve self-worth and gain work experience earlier than their peers.


Top social networking platform with elites

Outstanding students from different universities and background gather together to learn and share their achievement and life stories. This is where they obtain study tips from senior classmates standing out from the crowd, listen to amazing campus life stories from social media influencers and learn novel business models of emerging entrepreneurs from various backgrounds. Students will be inspired beyond their imagination and embrace a new fruitful academic and career possibilities.


Various after classes excursions in different cities

Every year, we hold a series of intercity weekend excursions, such as pool party, beach music festival and Taiwanese cultural experience activities. Students can not only enjoy favorable academic atmosphere of higher education but also enjoy wonderful time to enrich their learning and life in this vacation.