SCUIP offers a wide variety of summer and winter programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Engage in SCU short-term programs to make the most of your university break, gaining valuable overseas experience. Earn credits towards your degree with Soochow University International Programs, offering on-campus opportunities alongside students and faculty worldwide. These three to four-week programs involve lectures, tutorials, or seminar-based classes, providing practical career-learning and intercultural experiences.

Academic Programs

Explore our diverse curriculum with two sessions designed for students to participate in our June to July programs. Featuring two on-site programs at multiple locations, our comprehensive range of courses includes various disciplines, including Business, Computer Science, Cultural Studies, Finance, Management and Marketing. Each course is guaranteed to meet international college standards and carries 3-4 credits with 54 contact hours. This year we introduce new collaborative programs with Sichuan University, taking place in Chandu, China. Join us for an exceptional academic experience.


Session One - Soochow University International Programs
Dates: June 24 - July 12, 2024
Mode of Attendance: Face-to-face
Level: Undergraduate and postgraduate
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Session Two - Soochow University Joint International Programs with Sichuan University
Dates: June 29 - July 19, 2024
Mode of Attendance: Face-to-face
Level: Undergraduate and postgraduate
Location: Chengdu, China

Application Deadline

May 31, 2024

Academic Policy

Course Enrollment
> Maximum 2 courses per student to enroll during the program.
Typical Credit
> Each course carries 3 to 4 SCU Credit Units, equivalent to 6 - 7.5 ECTS, 10 - 12 CATS, 3 - 4 US credits.
*Please consult your university administrators on the transfer of the course credits before sending in your application

Course list

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Cultural Events / Extracurricular Activities

In our interconnected world, the concept of a classroom has transcended physical boundaries. Learning occurs wherever you are, making every space a potential classroom. As part of our program, we organize a diverse range of social and cultural activities. These activities are designed not only to satiate your curiosity but also to enhance your local experience and foster meaningful connections with others.
Chinese Language & Cultural Immersion
We offer Chinese and Cultural courses, along with specialized courses that delve into the cultural aspects. These include "Comparative Analysis of Chinese Cultures" and "Exploring the Aesthetics of Chinese Poetry, Painting, and Calligraphy."
Taiwan and China: Cultural Diversity and Innovation Hub
Taiwan and China are dynamic region that is home to culturally diverse societies at varying stages of transformation. As a cosmopolitan city-state with a thriving entrepreneurship and innovation scene, we offer myriad opportunities for all.
Industrial Tours
We will visit Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), a global leader in semiconductor production. Gain insights into Taiwan's significant role, in contributing significantly to the semiconductor industry's global revenue. Our exploration extends to Chengdu, where we will delve into Tencent's prestigious project, the King of Glory. Join us on these insightful visits, where industry leaders pave the way for a deeper understanding of Taiwan's and Chengdu's contributions to global technological advancements.

Program Support

Teaching Assistant and Student Service
Our teaching assistants are fluent in both Chinese and English. We provide a teaching assistant for each class and offer student support throughout the program.
Student Support
We will provide student service support throughout the program, with designated teaching assistants available to answer academic questions students may encounter during their courses. Academic advisors will also be available for education counseling, and additional staff members will assist students with any difficulties they may face during the program.
Full Insurance Coverage
Our insurance plan offers full coverage for a range of unforeseen circumstances, including unexpected medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation. Our priority is to prioritize your safety and security, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the program experience without worrying about potential setbacks.
The university will provide off-campus accommodation. Please contact our administrator for more information. Once you receive the program admission offer, you can begin the housing application process. Please note that accommodation is subject to availability.
Please feel free to reach out to our university administration for assistance with visa support.