International short programs are a great way to spend your break from university, gain an overseas experience without disrupting your course structure and you could get credit toward your degree. While overseas travel is currently restricted, Soochow University International Programs provides opportunities for students to gain important international experience through our virtual programs with students and faculty worldwide. You can develop practical, career-learning and intercultural experiences by taking advantage of Soochow University International programs.

SCU International Programs course are full time, intensive programs over the three-week period. Generally talking the form of 54 hours of lectures and tutorial or seminar based classes.

Program module

Module I: Soochow University International Program (Virtual)
Module II: SCUIP - Joint international program with Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (In-person program, students will participate at the campus)
Location: Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Program date

Monday, 26th, December 2022 – Friday, 13th, January 2023
*Application Deadline for Module I– Friday, 16th, December 2022
*Application Deadline for Module II – Wednesday, 30th, November 2022

Number of course to enroll and academic credentials

Maximum 2 courses per student to enroll during the program. The academic credential awarded by Soochow University will be in the form of an official transcript. If you wish to receive credit for your SCUIP course/courses you will need to contact either your Study Abroad Office or the office in your university that deals with external credit. Generally our courses receive 3-4 credits in the US system and 7.5 ECTS in the European system.

Course list

Teaching method

Courses are conducted synchronously through Online teaching platform via Microsoft Teams (lecture will also be recorded for students to review).

Learning method

Learning is delivered through a mixture of virtual lectures and seminars, guided project work, interactive material and resources. Lectures and seminars are delivered by members of SCUIP academic faculty worldwide.

Tuition fees

Courses Tuition Fees ranges are $2,000-3,000 AUD for 3 weeks. Tuition discounts are available for specific university partner students. Tuition may be waived if an exchange place is available. Please contact student advisors for more information.

Technology and student supports

We will provide technical support for Microsoft Teams", designated Teaching Assistants for academic questions students encounter over the courses. Academic advisors for education counseling, academic advisors and additional online staffs in case students have any unthought of difficulties during the program.  

Online cultural events or extracurricular activities

Chinese and Japanese language courses are certain. Courses such as "Similarity and differences of Japan and Chinese culture" and “Aesthetic focus of Chinese/ Japanese poetry, painting, calligraphy will be provided.


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